Jason HallJason Hall

Create Things That Already Exist

March 09, 2019

Have you ever had an idea for an application that already exists and thought about passing on developing it because it’s already out there? I’m sure you have because it happens to me all the time. I’m here to tell you to not let that stop you and just create the things you want to create. Too many times we get stuck in a “it’s already been done” mentality, but this mentality is extremely negative and will limit you in all aspects of life from creating great new things.

Imagine for a second, a world where there is only one of everything. A world where people didn’t create things because that idea they have has already been done before. There would be no competition, and zero product innovation.

It turns out that just about everything around you has already been created over and over again. Take cars, televisions, restaurants, dating apps, computers, web development agencies and a gallon of milk for instance. All of these things have been produced over and over again by different people and different brands all over the world.

It’s obvious to me that this mentality doesn’t work well if you want to create something amazing in life. You have to do the things you believe in and not worry if it’s already been done before.

Who cares if your idea’s already out there or if somebody can use another platform instead? Keep doing the things you love and building awesome stuff for you and the world to enjoy because, who knows, you could create or discover the next life changing thing.